Sports Bundle

Sports Bundle is the collection of our sport related, realistic, PBR environment packages. It contains more than 120 prefabs. Suitable for shooter or investigation games, backgrounds, or architectural visualization.

  • Physical Based Rendering (PBR) Textures
  • 120+ Prefabs

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Swimming Pool

Contains modular and premade pools and accessories. With it, you can build your own swimming pool, wellness center or diving school.

Climbing Hall

Design and create your climbing gym, boulder club with this assets. Contains plastic boulders and holds along with other climbing equipment.

School Gym

This asset contains several school gym related models: wall bars, vaulting boxes, prefabs for indoor soccer, basketball and volleyball field.

SportBundle Customer
Great value bundle, reusable in MANY scenes.
There's a number of swimming pools and gyms to choose from as of 2018. However, they are usually not as detailed and modular as this Sport bundle. Besides the actual environments, there are a number of ornamental elements and items you can reuse in any other scene. And the self-enclosed climbing hall is a unique addition. Recommended!
Swimming Pool Customer
Fantastic! Cute pools with many many other swimming & water accessories.
Top notch models with modular pool tile parts to make your own custom pool whatever shape you want, plus corals and scuba stuff too. Well worth it.
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Swimming Pool

Build your own swimming pool, wellness center or diving school. It contains several different pools, and a modular one. And a set of accessories for this environment.

  • PBR Texture maps (Albedo, Normal, Roughness, Metallic)
  • 70+ Prefabs
  • Demo Scenes
  • Diving Equipment (oxygene tank, fins, scuba mask)
  • Underwater Plants
  • Jacuzzi
  • 3 pre-built pools
  • Modular Pool Kit (12 piece)
  • Lounge chairs, inflatable toys, towels and beach umbrellas
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Climbing Hall

If you want to build a Climbing Gym this is the asset you need! This package contains builders and holds along with other boulder climbing accessories.

  • Physical Based Rendering (PBR)
  • Populator Script for placing holds to walls
  • 44 Prefabs
  • Walls of different shapes
  • Holds & Wedges
  • Ropes & Carabiners
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School Gym

This package contains prefabs for creating indoor soccer, basketball or volleyball field. Along with other school gym related models: wall bars, vaulting boxes, and more.

  • PBR Materials
  • 24 Prefabs
  • Ball Sports Equipment (basketball, soccer, voleyball)
  • Gymnastics Equipment (trampoline, vaulting Box, landing Mats)
  • Generic Sport Equipment (three types of benches, wall bars)
  • Digital Scoreboard
  • 2 Demo Scenes