Mayan Ruins

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Mayan Ruins is a realistic 3D environment kit. You can use it to build ancient Mayan or Aztec ruins for action and adventure games. Let your players explore and experience these mystical sites as in games like Assassin’s Creed and Tomb Raider. Suitable for desktop devices (PC, console).

Top Quality 3D Models

Suitable for PC and Console Games built with Unity

Optimized Textures

2048x2048 resolution, PNG format texture atlases

Modular Prefabs

Ideal for modular workflows and kitbashing

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Mayan Ruins Essentials

Contains floors, walls, stairs, trims, pillars, rubble pieces, doorways and stone doors.

3D and Texture details


Triangle Count: range: Avg. 5000; range: 324 to 27k

Level of Detail: LOD0 – 100%, LOD1 – 50%, LOD2 – 5%

Nr. of meshes: 57 (incl. 2 custom colliders)

Materials and Textures

Shader: Standard PBR (Metallic/Smoothness worlfkow).

Textures: 2048×2048 resolution, Albedo, Normal, SMO (Smoothness/Metallic/Occlusion).

Nr. of materials: 11


Total: 62 prefabs

  • Floors: 4 prefabs
  • Pillars: 6 prefabs
  • Rubble: 7 prefabs
  • Stairs: 10 prefabs
  • Trims: 14 prefabs
  • Walls: 15 prefabs
  • Doorways: 3 prefabs
  • Stone Doors: 3 prefabs

Colliders: Box Colliders and Mesh Colliders.

mayan ruins scenes

Demo Scenes

These demo scenes are prepared to view all prefabs, and two common usages of this package. Does not contain third-party assets and tools, such as plants or visual effects.

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Try out in 3D

Download, extract and experience the Mayan Ruins playable demo. Controls: WASD to move, Space to jump, Shift to sprint.

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