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Deadly Dungeon Traps

Traps are a cool way to give your players a challenge that needs their dexterity or logic or both.
You can really make your game stand out without much effort with this package.

Adventure games like Tomb Raider, RPGs, rouge-like, and souls-like games cry for lethal traps.


This package is much more than just a collection of 3d models, it’s a complete kit. We provide you everything you will need to populate your game with the meanest traps.

Top-Quality 3D Models

Many pre-build traps and modular pieces to use them in your game. Optimized meshes and textures.

Procedural Animation

Instead of using keyframe animations, we provide you maximum control and customization through the inspector.

Sound Effects

Coming in the milestone-based update. Click here for more details!


Well-engineered components help you quickly build your lethal kill box without writing a single line of code.

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Trap Parts
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Prebuild traps

Modular Workflow with Pre-build prefabs

The package supports the modular workflow with its 35+ trap part. With them, you can build your own killing machine.

The package also contains 40+ trap prefab ready to use in your game.

3D and Texture details

  • Physical Based Rendering (PBR)
  • Triangle counts: 1700 (avg), 5580 (max)
  • Optimized textures and atlases

The package comes with all the necessary codes to control and use the traps in your game.

You don’t have to write a single code to have a fully working kill box in your game!

  • Easy setup and integration to your project
  • Flexible Damage System
  • Effect Handler components for a convinient workflow
  • Full source code
  • High-quality, easy to read scripts

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Sound Effects

We know, without sound effects this asset is not complete. Because we don’t have the skill to create them in a quality, we want we’ll hire somebody to make it for us.
We decided to do this in a milestone-based, free update. 
When we reach the 10th positive review (4-5 stars), we’ll hire a sound designer to create sound effects.

Milestone Progress

To add the sound effects to the package, we need to reach 10 positive reviews in the Asset Store.


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