alchemy lab cover

PBR Alchemy Lab

Alchemy Lab contains 180+ high-quality PBR prefabs suitable for medieval or fantasy alchemy lab, study room, or a natural scientists’ chamber. 
The highlight of this pack is various antique-inspired natural scientific tools such as astrolabe, octant, telescope, magnifying glass, scale and weights, hourglass, and a globe. 
Works with Unity versions from 5.6 to 2018.

78 books
5x cover and 6x color variation
33 glassware
alembics, burners, jars, flasks, pill bottles
7 equipment
Astrolabe, Hourglass, Magnifier, Octant, Scale with 3 types of weights, Telescope
7 containers
amphora, bowls, cauldrons, mortar
34 lightsources and papers
Candles and candle holders, papers and drawings, scrolls and scroll cases.
  • 33 glassware (alembics, burners, jars)
  • 7 equipment (Astrolabe, Hourglass, Magnifier, Octant, Scale with 3 types of weights, Telescope)
  • 24 furniture (chairs, desks, shelves).
  • 78 books (5x cover and 6x color variation)
  • 7 containers (amphora, bowls, cauldrons, mortar)
  • 16 lightsources
  • 18 papers, scrolls and scroll cases.

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