Text Node


This is the most significant node in the Dialogue System. It has a quite complex inspector window compared to other nodes.

You can override the settings on the dialogue behaviour. This comes in handy if you want to involve multiple actors in the conversation.

The actor settings only work if your skin supports actor name and/or portrait.

This is the central part of the node. Here you can write your text and the answers the player can choose from.

The answers appear in a reorderable list, so you can add new, remove an existing one, or change their order any time you want.

Answer types:

  • Basic Answer: When the player selects this answer, the system will continue along the wire, which starts from this answer.
  • Time Answer: after the given amount of second, the graph will automatically continue along the wire from this answer.

You can combine these two types to make a timed text, where the player has limited time to answer. You need to set your skin correctly for this.

Dynamic Text: You can insert the values of your variables into your text or answers.

  • Local Variable: {local:variablename}
  • Global Variable: {global:variablename}
  • Player Name: {player}
  • Actor Name: {actor}

Note: replace the ’variablename’ to the name of the given variable.

In this section, you can assign an audio clip to your text node. When the node activates, the clip will be played. This is great for voice overs, or other sound effects.

  • Play Delay: play the audio clip this amount of seconds after the Text node activated.
  • Playback: You can define the time interval of the clip. The system will only play the clip between the start and the endpoint.

In this section, you can assign a custom camera for this Text Node. When the Text Node activates the Camera with the given camera index will be used. (you have to set the cameras in the Dialogue Behaviour)

This section contains settings that you won’t need all the time.

  • Custom Skin: You can override which UI skin should the system use for this particular text node.