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Improvised Weapons

Add extra flavor to your game, by giving the player the option to craft a weapon from scrap material! Great for survival games in a modern or post-apocalyptic setting.

Inspired by Shadow of the Tomb Raider, this package contains 15 weapons, and 28 crafting ingridients. Melee weapons have multiple versions that you can use as upgrades. Every model uses PBR setup and compatible with both High Definition and Lightweight Rendering Pipelines.

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Collection of a cartoon-style environment and props models with 40+ prefabs. Super lightweight because all prefabs are using material colors only, and the average polycount is way below 1000 vertices.

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Dark Fantasy Kit

Dark Fantasy Kit is a modular 3D PBR environment package which contains 400+ prefabs to create a residence of a villain or evil mastermind of your RPG game with a First Person, Third Person or a Top-Down view. Works with Unity versions from 5.6 to 2018.

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