Play as a Shadowdancer, a nimble adventurer with a mystical connection to shadows. Sneak by enemies using your environment as cover, or use your Shadowform powers to teleport short distances quickly. Uncover the past by reading the stone carvings on obelisks, and solve environment puzzles in our latest handcrafted 3D game!


We created this game as an assignment for Unity + USC Games Unlocked course from February to April 2019. 
Our main goal was to create and finish our first original 3D game, to test and expand our skills and knowledge of Unity, understand 3D game development better, and sharpen our project management skills.

Introducing Shadowdancer

She is a young adventurer, who is of a mystical race called shadelings. They have an innate connection to shadows, which manifests as an appearance change when not directly illuminated by light. When this form is activated, shadelings can use it to see special markings, known as shadow runes. When sneaking or hiding from their enemies, this connection is enhanced, and shadelings can travel short distances quickly – this is called shadow jump. The connection weakens when they step out of the dark, but can be re-established if they step back and wait a little.

The hidden valley and its secrets

In this part of the game, Shadowdancer has to find the location of one of her ancestor’s sacred places, the Temple of the First Seal. Legend says that a powerful entity is imprisoned in the temple, who could turn the tides of the war that is threatening both humans and shadelings existence.

Enemies and environment hazards

There are others who are roaming the valley, searching to uncover its secrets. The large, menacing, and heavily armored death knights’ sole purpose is to eradicate all shadowlings and enslave humans to expand their empire. They have keen vision and hearing and can alert each other to any intruder’s presence. They already set up their camp not far from the entrance, but still missing something important to enter the Temple.

Shadowdancer has to find a way past them and use her abilities to traverse the dangerous mountains to the Temple of the First Seal.

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Technical Details


WASD – Movement

Space – Jump or Shadowjump

E – Interact

Esc – Menu

F1 – Help

System Requirements




Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-5200U CPU, 2.20 GHz
Memory: 4096 MB RAM
Videocard: AMD Radeon R5 M330 DirectX12 or equivalent


Since the game is in an early stage we collected here a few hints in case you get stuck.

Follow the glowing pink runes up to the wooden platform and the rocky edges of the valley. From the top of the gate you can see an obelisk and the entry of the temple. The Shadow Gate is on top if the temple, marked with a pink archway. You can get up there from the shadow of the obelisk, walk along the edge and from the far corner, jump up to the pillars then the entry ledge.

You can jump down to the bushes under the outcropping and hide until the guard passes. Then find a shadow, and jump on top of the ruined fence. Jump down and hide in the bushes. Wait until guards move along; then sneak up to one of the fireplaces in the camp.

Grab a torch and head to the light colored supply boxes. Light them up as a distraction. When all the guards are occupied with the boxes, sneak or jump into the middle tent with the white table and grab the Orb.

Returning to the Shadow Gate is a bit tricky, especially if you are chased by guards. Try to stay in the bushes until Shadowdash is active, then jump away from your chasers onto the top of the ruined fence. There is a large rock on the right side from where you can jump back up to the stone outcrop and to the Gate.

No guards here, the only hazard is falling. There is no sneaking and Shadowjump here, only regular platforming. Jump along the pillars, kick the rock pile, then proceed across the rickety bridge. At this point, you have to wait a bit on the shadow, then when the ability is full, you can now see the pink platforms. Jump across to the next obelisk and the ruined Shadow gate.

When you activate the round pressure plate, a large floating rock begins to move back and forth across the chasm. When you are in its shadow, you can step on the pink platforms, but keep up with the rock, else you will lose shadow connection and fall.

To activate the seal, you need to light the two red lanterns in the room. Then you can rotate the puzzle tiles until their shadow lines up with the pattern on the seal. After activation, another round stepping stone emerges. If you step on it, the Seal explodes and the Light Entity is freed!

This is the end of the demo for now.

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