I want to learn Unity, but where to start?

So you want to be a game developer, and ready to learn using Unity? It looks easy to start with at first glance, but a large amount of information might confuse you or even paralyzes you. If you already have this condition, take a deep breath, and read further!

Learning something always take time. You can count with months or even years. I believe, we can learn more rapidly with goals that really motivates us. If you have a game idea that you want to make, you will quickly learn the skills you need to create this game.

Before I would give you some of the best sources of learning how to use Unity and how to make your own game, let me draw your attention. When you select your learning project, avoid these genres and features:

There are lots of blogger and YouTuber who says you should keep your ideas on a small scale. They are right, but very few of them, if any tells you why.
Pretty simple: you want to go through and learn every aspect of developing a game, instead of getting lost in the details.

This doesn’t mean you can’t start with a MOBA game if you really into this for example. But you should tear the complex features from it. You MOBA will be a singleplayer game where the enemies are controlled by an AI and are very dumb. However, you can finish it, and learn from it, and later you can expand it further.

Let’s start with my recommended tutorials.

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