Explore the ancient world

Adamant is a team-based single-player action-adventure game. It takes place in a jungle that was once a home of an ancient civilization. Today the jungle hides mystical ruins, ancient artifacts, orc raiding parties, and other dangers.


You have companions fighting by your side. During the game, you can switch seamlessly between them gaining full control over that character. 


You explore ruins of an ancient civilization deep in the jungle, to find eldritch artifacts. You have to climb through obstacles and avoid traps in the meantime.


During exploring, you encounter unknown monsters. Ancient treasures don’t attract just you. Orc raiders will attack you trying to steal your loot!

• Characters •

During your adventure, companions will join and follow you through your missions. 

He is a sentinent golem, an artificial being created by arcane magic. He is an excellent fighter and an expert on magical items and artifacts.

• Screenshots •

State of the Game

Adamant is currently under development and in the pre-alpha stage. The above screenshots and gameplay video represent the current state of the game. During the development these might change.

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