Adamant is a team-based single-player action-adventure game. It takes place in a jungle that was once a home of a human civilization. Today the jungle hides mystical ruins, ancient artifacts, orc raiding parties, and other dangers. 


Shadowdancer is a short, third person stealth game. We created it as part of the Unity + USC Games Unlocked course.

We developed it through 8 weeks from February to April 2019.

Our goal with this project was to improve our development workflow and project management skills.

Download and try the demo from

Loot IT

Loot It is a puzzle-solving mobile game. Where your goal is to become a financially successful adventurer. You have to avoid traps, eliminate monsters, and loot treasure chests by solving puzzles.

The project is grown out of a Facebook page

Download and try the demo from

Google Play

Download and try the demo from google play.