Non-Coder Friendly

You can create a complex, branched conversation, or even a simple quest system without writing a single line of code.

Skin System

An UI independent skin system, that allows you to use different skins for your conversations. You can even change the skin during the conversation.

Easy Intergration

Dialogue System utilizes multiple ways to communicate with other systems. Simple integration can be done even without

Full Source Code

You get the source code fully and well documented.

Video Tutorials

Best way to learn something is to watch others. I'm making tutorial videos to teach you the functionality of the Dialogue System.

Dialogue System

Dialogue System is a node-based visual editor, that allows you to create not just a simple dialogue but a complex, branched conversation without writing a single line of code.

Complex Conversation

Other than the basic Text Node there are several useful nodes. With them you can create very complex conversations and even quest functionalities.

Powerful Skin System

Creating your dialogue UI is easy: built it up as you normaly would do in Unity, then add some Dialogue System components to the vital parts.

You can use multiple skin for your conversations, and you can switch between them even during a conversation.

Demo Scene & Tutorials

Lots of example in the package. The demo scene made by a non-programmer to show you what you can achive without writing a single line of code.


Additional Features

Dialogue System