Release Notes

Release Date: 2019.06.11.

Bugs Fixed:

  • When creating a new DialogueBehaviour you couldn’t assign a graph to it. 
  • Global Variables were missing from the last build that occurred an error.
  • Skin controllers now don’t show an error message during runtime.
  • Exit distance didn’t work in case of a custom trigger. This was a mistake by design. Changed the StartDialogue method to require a player transform.

Release Date: 2019.05.28

Release Date: 2019.05.13

  • Localization
  • Dynamic Text and Answers
  • Bookmarks
  • 2D Physics support

Release Date: 24. Sept. 2018.

Lowering the price from €40 to €9.
Because of my other projects and works I don’t have the time to develop this asset further. I didn’t wanted to deprecate it though since I think this is a very useful asset for some of you. I’ll sill continue to support this asset, so feel free to contact me if you have a question!

Release Date: 10. Aug. 2018.


  • New Answer UIElement, the Icon Answer is added.
  • IconLibrary helper component added for assisting the Icon Answer element.

PlayMaker Support

  • New node added to the Dialogue Editor: PlayMaker Event Call
  • Added several PlayMaker Action to acces Dialogue System functionality from PlayMaker editor.

Cinemachine Integration

  • Dialogue System recognizes automatically whether or not Cinemachine is imported.
  • The Dialogue Behaviour Use Custom Camera(s) section is extended the way it can be used with Cinemachine cameras.


  • Fixed a bug where the Inspector Title bar background disapears, after exiting playmode.
  • Fixed a bug where the Wait Node doesn’t suppressed the dialogue flow.
  • Fixed a bug where Save&Load result null reference exception when the application Starts or Quits and no Global Variable is set.
  • Fixed a bug where the dialogue behaviour used a wrong custom camera, if the text node use custom camera property was set to false, but the Dialogue Behaviour use custom camera was set to true.


  • The Answer UIElement is renamed to Text Answer.
  • Adding an Exit Delay parameter to the Dialogue Behaviour Conversation section.
  • Added a simple FPS controller instead the one from the Standard Assets to the Demo Scene. You don’t have to import the Standard Assets for checking the Demo Scene.

Release Date: 01. March 2018

Initial Release of the Dialogue System.

Release Date: 2014.09.29

This was the original asset, that run under the name of Barefoot Dialogue System. The current Dialogue System is based on the same concepts, but fully reworked from sratch. 

This version is no longer exists in the Asset Store and doesn’t supported. Also not compatible with the 2.0.