Deadly Dungeons


Deadly Dungeons – Infernal is a hell-themed dungeon kit for game developers that contains generic and symbolic elements to help you tell your game’s story. Let your players encounter devils and demons in a unique hellish atmosphere.

Tell your story!

Symbols are great tools to tell a story with your scene. Chains are connected to captivity and slavery and awake the feeling of hopelessness and lack of freedom in the player. Horns are a symbol of strength, power, and supremacy. Humans believed that horned animals’ strength was concentrated in their horns.

70+ Prefabs

The asset supports modular workflow and contains more than 70 prefabs to build castles, ruins, and dungeons.

5 Blueprints

Comes with 5 free blueprints. These are preassemblied structures and sites you can simply drag and drop into your scene.

Symbolic Elements

Symbols are great tools to tell a story with your scene. Let your players feel the hopelessness of captivity and slavery.

Speed up the level design

Drop any of our pre-made structure blueprints and start from there. Use our story hook as inspiration or create your own.

Customers Reviews

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Awesome Dungeon Asset in the store!
Really wonderful asset, easy to use. Worth every penny! Highly recommended! You won't regret it!
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One of my favorite dungeon assets.
I manage to build levels with great ease because most of the modules have been designed for that. In addition to this, the developer provides some examples of complete assemblies with which you can start building to save time. I'm waiting for the next assets.
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Create wonderful dungeons easily
I've just started to create an RPG. This asset fits well in that area. Easy to use and well constructed. I recommend it to everybody, who wants to create RPG games.

70+ Prefabs

1 Floor tile, 3 ruined floor tile, 7 walls, 7 doors and gates, 5 fence parts, 3 bridge parts, 5 pillar parts, 5 stairways parts, 3 trims, 6 sculptures and decorations, 2 debris, 1 brazier, 2 cages, 4 chains, 2 grates, 3 broken grate part, 1 gate lever, 1 torch, 1 treasure chest (animated), 2 broken wooden boxes (animated and rigidbody), 7 decals

hell-themed dungeon kit for game developers
Infernal Fortress - hell-themed dungeon kit for game developers