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Dark Fantasy Kit

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Dark Fantasy Kit is a realistic-looking 3D fantasy environment package for Unity, with unique, menacing, dark style. The asset contains 550+ prefabs and supports modular workflow.

For evil overlords who gain their riches off the poor peasant’s sweat and blood, who display their authority and oppression in forms of not just military power or deadly magic, but with their environment. To achieve this we took the gothic arches, added a little exotic feel from Moroccan architecture, and topped them with menacing, dark, wrought iron spikes and grates. The result is the Dark Fantasy Kit.

172 architectural prefabs
Walls, floors, stairs, pillars, arches.
42 Furniture
Chairs, beds, cupboards, desks, drawers, shelves. The drawers and doors are moveable and openable.
89 Containers
chests, crates and vases
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Demo Scene
The Dark Fantasy Kit modularity offers lots of possibilities. You can create very different layouts with this kit. The demo scenes are our attempt to show you how flexible is this package. In the future, we are planning to include more demo scenes in the package, as well as downloadable blueprints.

Check the downloadable demo scenes

Temple of the Scorpion God
Small FPS scene
Evil Mastermind Manor
Medium sized FPS scene with multiple rooms, and an outdoor garden.
Chamber of the Dark Overlord
A small Top-Down scene with multiple rooms.
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Dark Fantasy Kit - temple of scorpion


All models have their PBR texture setup in a 2k resolution: Albedo, Normal, and a combined map of Metallic-Smoothness-Ambient Occlusion to spare memory.

Other Features

Lite version

Do you still have doubts? Check out the lite version with 20 prefabs!

Many satisfied customers!

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This truly makes an excellent dark, scary environment to play in! I hope this continuously gets updated for future versions of Unity. Combine this kit with a few bones and blood for a true horror theme. Great work!
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Nails the Dark Fantasy Aesthetic
This asset pack was a perfect addition to my medieval-style game that I'm developing as it adds a ton of stunningly crafted level-building prefabs that really strike that dark fantasy theme. They're not just your standard fantasy brick, cobble stone, and wood. The materials are almost realistically gritty and they're really fun to play with in relation to lighting.[...]
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Complete Package
You must hurry and buy it. The price is very good without discount, and is even better during the cyber week. I did not start creating my game yet, I just tried the asset at an experimental test, and it is marvelous. There are a lot of objects. You can easily create an entire medieval world. Congratulations to the author.
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Really nice asset
I love style and quality of the models and didn't find any flaws. Complex prefabs are highly customizable.
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This is a very nice well done set. The textures are very detailed, including the studs in the chair seat and the details in the door, including the sliding lock. Some very nice set pieces are included here.
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Great Package
It is a huge package with everything you need in a medieval/fantasy game. Each item is high quality and optimized for games. I absolutely recommend this artist. I will check out their other assets too.

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Dark Fantasy Kit
Update 1.1.

First update of the Dark Fantasy Kit. We fixed some problems and expanded the kit with 68 prefabs.

Learn about what we put in this update.