3D Modelling & Texturing

Dark Fantasy Kit
Update 1.1.

First update of the Dark Fantasy Kit. We fixed some problems and expanded the kit with 68 prefabs.

Learn about what we put in this update.

3D Modelling & Texturing

Export in FBX from Blender to Unity

Exporting from Blender to Unity is a recurring question. In this article, I share my workflow. I use this workflow every day.

Scripting and Tools

Book Cluster Generator Script

A small unity component that allows you to create random book piles and clusters with a single click.

Asset Recommendations

5+1 Free Asset for Unity that you will use all the time

I use several assets for my work as a freelancer and asset store publisher. Some of them are paid assets, others are free.

There are a handful of assets that I’m using in almost every project. I would love to share them with you, because these are free, and improved my workflow a lot!

Scripting and Tools

High-Resolution Screenshot

With this little script, you can capture screenshot in any resolution.

3D Modelling & Texturing

Creating game assets in low-poly style – Part I.

Back in 2017, I was fiddling around with the different modifier tools in Blender. I wanted to create a few resource rocks, for later use, but in a more dynamic way than starting with a box and hand-crafting all the vertices.
In this series I would like to share my progress with a rather different visual style: some call it a cartoon, others low-poly or polygonal style.