This node has a float variable that can be set directly or connected to other nodes. Either way, this node will suspend the execution flow for the given amount of seconds.


The node joins two string value and returns a new string. Currently only works with two inputs, if you want to join multiple strings you have to chain these nodes.

Logical Operation

The Dialogue System has three types of logical operator. You can select the operator in the inspector. AND: returns the logical AND of the two inputs. OR: returns the logical OR of the two inputs. NOT: returns the logical complement of a single input


With this node, you can compare two variable and get the result as a boolean value. You can select the type and the operator in the inspector. Equal: boolean, float, integer, string Not Equal: boolean, float, integer, string Greater: float, integer Greater or Equal: float, integer Less: float, integer Less or


With the operator node, you can add, subtract, multiply, divide two integers or float number, or get their modulus. In the inspector, you can choose the type (integer or float) and set which operator do you want to use.


This node generates a random integer or float value, using Unity’s Random. Range method. You can set the Range minimum (inclusive) and maximum (exclusive) value in the inspector.