Village Interiors Kit (Asset Review)

Quite hard to write an objective review about an asset like this. I bought this package in 2014, and I’m in love since then. 

The asset is an environment pack for medieval-fantasy Tavern, Castle, Cathedral, Catacomb, and Crypt interiors. It contains an incredible amount of prefabs  (2800+), and it’s totally modular.

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Content Quality

The asset is well optimized and suitable for both Desktop and Mobile games.

The meshes are low poly models, and nicely UV-mapped: the thousands of meshes are using only a dozen materials. 

Textures: the package contains two sets of textures. There is a 1k resolution diffuse-only texture map and a 2k resolution HD map set that includes diffuse, normal and ambient occlusion maps. 

The asset does not support PBR (Physical Based Rendering). However the texture quality is very nice, and without any advanced lighting setup, you can create very good looking scenes.

Worth noting, that the included scenes don’t use any post-processing effects.

Asset Useage & Modularity

The package main feature is modularity. And it’s designed very nicely. You can build a very wide variety of interiors from floors and walls. The idea is based on the 2.5m x 2.5m floor tiles that can be snapped together by vertexes (you can use the Unity built-in vertex snapping). You can also snap the walls to the floor tiles with vertex snapping.

The package contains 12 different texture for floor tiles and 15 for walls. You can find 20 different wall shapes (corners, walls with doorway…etc). But this is just the top of the iceberg. You can find an endless number of detail elements, pillars, beams, stairs, furnitures in the package.

What type of project can you use? 

Since the package already has demo scenes for Cathedrals, Catacombs, Crypts, Taverns and Castles. You obviously can use to create this type of environment.

But, becouse it uses a very basic pieces as building blocks, with some creativity you can create much more. I actually created a ship cabin with this package (you can check it below, but keep in mind this was a fast prototype, that I made within an hour)

Folders are well organized

This might or might not a preference when you want to buy a model package. But when you are working with a huge model library like this, not a bad thing if it’s organized well. 

Support & Updates

As I mentioned at the start, I bought this product in 2014. In these three years, the package increased a lot. Every few months a new and free update comes out.

Cobus – the man behind this package – is a kind person, and pays attention to feedback and requests. A very good example of the good support term.

Personal Experience

Since I bought this asset I used it for several projects. I really like to work with this package and have lots of fun doing so. You can check some of my works above.


Final Conclusion

This asset is one of my MUST HAVE recommendation. If you are thinking about buying this, you definitely should do. Trust me, you won’t regret it!

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