Downloadable Demo Scenes for Deadly Dungeon: Mayan Ruins

In this article, I share the showcases scenes I made to demonstrate what you can create with our Deadly Dungeons: Mayan Ruins asset. You can watch the speed-level design videos, learn how I made them, or download and explore them yourself.

Keep in mind these aren’t complete levels and are created in the sense of a single camera position. However, you can use it as a learning material or a starting point for your project.

These are blueprint packages and contain only the scene hierarchy. You will need the main asset (Deadly Dungeons: Mayan Ruins) to work correctly.

I created these scenes in Unity 2020.3.23f using High Definition Rendering Pipeline (HDRP). I recommend using it in similar settings.

Ancient Shrine

The entrance to an ancient shrine has been found underwater by a group of treasure hunters. It has been hidden for several decades, but the treasure hunters are now looking for help in locating and identifying the shrine.

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Dusk Explorer

Ancient civilization used to worship a god of strength. They built temples all over the world, and this one is rumored to still be active. The entrance is sealed by an invisible force, but it’s not dangerous. It’s just a way of keeping out people who don’t belong there.

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Escape to the Jungle

A strange bright light is shining through the hole in the wall. A small hole that you can crawl through and escape. But what is on the other side?

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Deep in a jungle sits overgrowth ruins from an ancient civilization. It is a place of power, but it is also home to powerful monsters and traps. Many have died here trying to explore the ruins.

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Ruined Entrance

The entrance of a long-forgotten building was recently found by archaeologists. They are trying to find out what is inside, and were excited to see looters were trying to get in first.

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If you have any questions or want to discuss these scenes, join our discord server!

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