The Best Hell Themed Assets From Unity Asset Store

We decided to put together a list of assets for our Deadly Dungeon: Infernal package. We thought it might be helpful for unity developers who are looking for some exciting assets to use with their projects. This list isn’t exhaustive, but hopefully, it will give you some tips on looking for quality assets that can work well for a hell-themed level.
If you are not familiar with our Deadly Dungeons assets, it’s a series of thematical fantasy and historical 3d environment packages. We built each asset around a theme (hell, jungle ruins) or a game feature (traps).
Are you interested? Learn more about the hell-themed Infernal asset!


Hell is the setting of many video games, from Doom to Dante’s Inferno to Resident Evil. The designers who create demons and devils use telltale signs often.
Demons and devils are associated with fire, heat, flames, and burning. Whether that takes the form of literal fire on the body or just an aura of red light surrounding them, it’s a good clue that something supernatural is going on. 
Another telltale sign is horns — or other appendages — growing out of a character’s head. A character might have cloven feet or hands, too (although many non-hellish characters have these as well).

Infinity PBR

Infinity PBR is known for its highly customizable products. Multiple artists are working on these assets to provide you with the most versatile characters.


For obvious reasons, succubus, the female torture demon, is one of the most famous inhabitants of the infernal world. So I put a shortlist together only for this type of ‘monster.’

Monster Bundles

Sometimes it’s better to buy a bundle than individual characters.

Other Environment pieces

In some cases, environmental assets are the foundation of a game’s visual appeal. Environment assets come in many shapes and forms, but their main goal is to serve as a backdrop for the action taking place within the game.

Music & Sound

When it comes to making a video game, a lot of thought goes into the graphics, the plot, and how it all ties together in an exciting way. But the sound is just as important as sight when it comes to immersing yourself in a virtual world.

Infinity PBR

If you buy the corresponding character from the publisher, you get this music for free!

Other assets you might like

Here, I list a few other assets that you might find helpful for your game — starting with our fantasy-themed traps pack, which would make your scene even deadlier!

The devil is in the details—and if you’re designing a hell-themed game, it’s essential to get those details right. I hope you find this article helpful. If you have any suggestions or questions, find me on Discord, and let’s chat!

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