Work In Progress – Deadly Dungeon Traps

Creating the traps in 3D

As I wrote in the previous blog post, I planned the majority of the trap types on paper and collected reference images and photos. The next phase was to bring those ideas into 3D, so I pulled out Blender and started modeling. This is a quite straight forward job to do. I need to keep an eye on the model scale, triangle count, and topology. Since these are non-organic objects, there was nothing I had to skip or change drastically. I even found some add-ons to aid me with quick cogwheel generation. 

My texturing workflow is quite stable now, the only question was to Atlas or not to Atlas. In the end, I went with atlases, and I packed objects that are frequently going together and have the same scale. The largest objects have their own high-resolution texture sets.

Adjustable animations with scripts

The best part is watching the contraption come alive! As soon as the prefabs got ready, I turned to Adam. He wrote a couple of handy scripts to handle trap movement and behavior. I started to build traps from the parts. Let’s see how it turned out!

The gray spheres are waypoints for the vertical movement. With this component, I can set all movement parameters (duration, curve, reverse, etc.) freely, even in play mode. These trap animators can be combined, and with them, you can achieve complex movement, like rotating and moving to opposite directions or on a different axis.

Particles and audio effects

I also started to assembly the particle-based traps, such as fire, poison, cold, and gas. This fire trap below needed quite a few tries and some post-processing too. Considering that I’m moderately proficient with particles, I think this is an acceptable result:

As for the sounds, I downloaded free SFX from, then hooked them up with the traps. Check out this video, where I walk around the technical demo scene and try out the mechanisms:


In the last two months, I worked almost every day with this package. I adjusted models, created variant textures, environment, demo scenes, and built countless working traps with the help of the scripted components. There is still work to do, mostly by extending Unity version support 2018.2.6. I also want to make some promotional media, high-resolution screenshots and videos, and of course a series of video tutorials where I will tell you about all the bells and whistles of the kit.

See you soon!

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