Dark Fantasy Kit
Update 1.1.

It was more than a year ago when we started to work on the Dark Fantasy Kit. It was a pretty big project for two people, but we did our best to provide you the highest quality asset we can make.

The asset released in August, three months later than we expected. Because of this, we had to put this massive asset aside, and focus on other projects. Fortunately, we catch up at the end of 2018. We can continue to work on Dark Fantasy Kit once again!

2019 will be great! We are planning 3-4 updates in the first half of this year. The first one is already here. Before we dive into the new release, let me thank you for supporting us. We learned and improved a lot during the development and from your suggestions and critics.

Thank you!

Let’s start with the first update of the year. We were targeting two problems with this release.

The first problem was a technical mistake with the paneled walls (version c), while the other one came up when I started to make levels with the package; the lack of props and decorations.

Paneled Walls Issue

We used multiple materials and textures to make the diagonal walls, doorways, and windows look good with the panels. We made a dumb mistake here I admit, but we were running out of time to finish the project back then, and under pressure, we made bad choices.

For the update, Dotti made a new UV mapping for the paneled walls, and I replaced the meshes carefully. In case of these type of asset, we have to avoid deleting prefabs that already exists in the previous version, and there is a chance somebody built something with it.

We also had a bunch of unused materials and textures in the original release. I got rid of them. These materials were generated by the Unity’s FBX importer and were empty and completely unused.

We also included some corner element that we missed from the initial release.

Props and Decorations

When I started to make level designs with the asset, I figured out soon we don’t have enough props and decoration in the package. Empty bookshelves and clear walls don’t look nice, and the flags become boring if you use them everywhere.

The first update contains 58 prefabs to help you to make more different rooms.

Flexibility over Quantity

Although the package contains a large number of prefabs for a single type of object, we are not satisfied with the way we are building these up. For example, we have 24 book prefabs to handle four color and six cover designs. The time you might spend on searching for the right element is hardly optimal, but right now we don’t have a better solution…yet.

We set up three prefabs little differently to test out some of our ideas. We would love to hear your feedback about these.

Book Clusters and Piles

Instead of increasing the prefab number with premade cluster and pile prefabs, I wrote a small generator script. This way you can put the cluster prefab on the screen, click on the generate button, then duplicate it and click on the button again. The result is virtually endless. You can read more about this generator in this article.


Dotti separated the canvas and the frame, and made an atlas for the former. You can modify or create a new texture for the painting canvas very easy with any image editor software.

Table Cloth

The table cloth prefab has two separate parts: the table cloth, and the runner. You can use them on its own or together. Since the albedo texture is white, you can duplicate the material and use it with different colors.

What comes next?

In the next updates, we’ll add exterior elements to the package, like roofs and bridges. With the rounded walls, you will be able to make rounded towers or break up the straight lines of your architecture.

We are also excited about our secret doors.

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