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Our philosophy

Video games can bring experiences for everyone, from telling exciting stories and bringing new worlds to life, to promoting learning and sharing knowledge and information.

We are working to help creators bring their ideas to life, let it be a casual mobile game, or a splendid open-world adventure in VR.

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3D Modelling

game art • product visualization

We have years of experience creating 3D environments and props for video games and product renderings for e-commerce.

Proof of Concept

 fast • cost-effective • playable • communication

Reveals the strengths and weaknesses of the design and gives you the chance to improve it before the production starts.

It helps you to communicate the idea with the production team better by showing them a concrete version of your thoughts.

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Our team

We are a married couple who learned how to complete each other in life and work as well.

Both of us are passionate about games and not just video games. We play tabletop RPG regularly and organized LARPs for years. Studying martial arts for years makes us focused in our work.

Game development is a way to express our creativity. Along with this journey, we gained insight into other industries, such as building, film, and fashion.


Dorottya Hegedüs

3D Artist

Adam Galla

Software Engineer