Hero Fantasy Pack Vol 1 (Asset Review)

  • Publisher: Kristian Grundström
  • Genre: Fantasy Music
  • Asset Store Rating: - star, 2 review (Personal Rating: 5 stars)
  • Asset Store Link

This is an epic medieval / fantasy music. The package contains 4 themes, all haver a loopable version, and package contains multiple variation of each theme.

Content Quality

The asset contains four themes each of the themes has parts with different dynamics and intensity, and each parts has multiple variation.

The music was designed to work well with third party audio solutions like FMOD or Wwise. These middlewares are great tools if you want to achive Adaptive music (also known as Dynamic Music) in your game.

The four themes are:

  • Embracing Fate: a highly dynamic orchestral. 
  • Disillusional: more emotional and cinematic feel.
  • In the Mids of Ruins: or as I called it the Dwarf theme. This theme has the most parts from a calm ambient to a very high intensity one.
  • What to Come: more of a menu or a cutscene music. However one of the stinger resembles of the music in Witcher III. Not sure if it’s intentional or not, but I really like it.
  • Third party audio solution support.
  • Multiple variety to prevent monotonity

Adaptive Music with Unity

FMOD and Wwise are awesome tools, but if you don’t want to learn a third party software, you can still achive Adaptive Music with Unity itself.

Unity created a great tutorial for this: Adding Music to Your Game

And depending on my experiences this asset works very will with the tutorial! The publisher also noted the BPM value of each theme that is super helpful!

Support & Updates

The asset was published in Feb 2, 2018. There was another update in June. This is quite a fresh asset. And according to the publisher comment more music will come!

Personal Experience

I never before worked with music yet. So I had to learn  a little about it, before I made this review. The tutorial I linked above helped me a lot, and after a few hours of experimenting I came up something really cool incombat-outcombat effect.

Final Conclusion

This asset is one of my WELL SPENT MONEY recomendation.

This asset is very well made. If you need a fantasy music for your game  you should consider to buy this one.

About the Author

Adam Galla

Adam is the founder and developer of the Runemark Studio. He graduated with BSC  degree in Software Engineering in 2013.

He is working as a freelancer game developer and asset store publisher since 2014.

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